Driving Results

Helping You Drive Results Personally and Professionally 

We all want to improve, personally and professionally, but how do we get there?

Sometimes alone we cannot see the answer past the problem. That is where I come in. I will walk with you to solutions! Whether it is a personal goal or a HR issue, I am able to help!

Why choose Driving Results?

“Leadership is about Empathy. It is about the ability to and connect with the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.”
~Oprah Winfrey


I cognitively am able to understand others and where they are coming from. I approach situations with compassion for all people involved as well as the organization.


I lead with my core values in all that I do.
I operate with honesty and integrity. I ensure that all decisions are made in alignment with legislative requirements first and foremost, but I also approach every scenario with curiosity and uniqueness; no two situations are alike!


A relationship cannot be built without trust. If I promise I will complete something by a certain date, it will be done. If something is confidential, it will be kept confidential. You can count on me to be reliable. You can count on me to be honest. I will be compassionate, humble and authentic in all that I do.

"Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning."

- Gloria Steinem


Desiree has been an amazing support in reorganising and updating my resume. It has been a frustrating time wondering why I’m not getting a call for work. What was missing. She worked with me to rewrite my cover letter as well and offered suggestions for possible interview questions to prepare for. I found her professional, organised and very encouraging in a very hard time. I highly suggest seeking her out for employment assistance. I have worked with several agencies and they didn’t catch several errors, and were nowhere near as supportive, encouraging, personable or friendly.

Becky Olson

Heading into my first interview in over 12 years was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin. How should I prepare myself for an interview. I had so many questions I didn’t know the answers to. Desiree Stewart was an incredible sounding board for me to ask questions and prepare myself for the interview. Her knowledge and experience helped me feel at ease and be completely prepared. Her interview techniques prepared me for a successful interview! Yes I did get the position, many thanks to Desiree!

Doug Hanlan

Desiree is a dedicated HR professional. Some of her key strengths lie in coaching and training, as she is has a passion for helping others. She is a wealth of knowledge and an incredible mentor.

April Lyons